At New World Travel we are here to help with all your travel needs.  Whatever the reason you're traveling, we've got you covered.  With seven years of travel industry experience and over 20 years of travel experience, we are excited to help you plan your next adventure!!

My name is Becky Eckenfels.  I am a mom.  I am a wife.  I am a perfectionist.  I am a dreamer.  I am a wanderer.  I am an adventurer.  A lover of books.  A lover of music.  A lover of oceans.   A lover of learning.  A lover of sunshine.  A lover of food.  

One thing that has always been a part of me for as long as I can remember is my fascination with travel.  So much so, that seven years ago I got my certification to become a travel designer and I can honestly say, I LOVE MY JOB!!    I am constantly in awe of this beautiful planet we live on and the incredible people that live on it.  I want everyone to be able to explore it so we can all learn from each other and create a better world for the generations to come. 

Having my own children has just made travel all the more exciting.  I love seeing the world through my daughters' eyes.  I learn so much from traveling with them, and they have made every adventure that much better with their huge grins and laughs.  Whether we are cliff jumping in Belize or just chilling on a Icelandic beach, we always have fun together.  I can’t wait for future adventures with them!! 

I can help plan every detail of your travels so that all you have to do is enjoy your time away.  Whether you are just looking for a quick getaway with no plans or want everything reserved ahead of time down to your dinner reservations, I am happy to help!

I currently specialize in family travel and have certifications as a Hawaiian Destination Expert, a Disney Dream maker, a Luxury Travel Specialist, South African Travel Specialist, New Zealand Specialist, Aussie Specialist, a Breezes Super Agent, a Sandals Resort Specialist, and A Royal Caribbean Cruise line Specialist.  I have had the privilege to travel to Ireland, England, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iceland, The Dominican Republic, Belize, Ecuador, China, Mexico, Canada and all around the United States.  I am also certified to help plan business travel and corporate retreats.  

Just a few of the highlights of my travels have been flying in a helicopter, doors off, over the island of Kauai, a hilarious ride up the side of a mountain on a crazy donkey in Santorini with my husband, learning from a master potter in Turkey, the epic decision of whether to order fries or grubs in Ecuador, taking my daughter scuba diving for the first time in Belize and watching her fall in love with the ocean (even the sharks, or should I say especially the sharks), biking through Tuscany, exploring the underground cities of Cappadocia, walking the ancient streets in Rhodes where knights once protected the streets, swimming in the underground caves of Mexico with my family, soaking in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and getting a facial with my daughter after an overnight flight, learning a Bulgarian dance in a beautiful vineyard, discovering my favorite wine in Montepulciano, dancing in the puddles with my husband to the orchestra playing in the Piazza San Marco,  Venice, and watching my very shy 2 year old come out of her shell and make friends with other kids who do not speak her language and realizing we are all the same no matter what country we call home. 

Wherever your travels are taking you, let me start helping you make your memories today!!

Go ahead and poke around, find what you need and then contact us.